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TXANS Update provides TXANS members and suppliers immediate notification of important nonsubscriber related news and information, including the finding of new research, studies, reports and more. TXANS Update also provides helpful reminders of state and federal filing deadlines and important decisions of state and federal courts
pertaining to nonsubscription, employee benefits and similar issues relating to federal laws and agencies such as ERISA, OSHA, EEOC, ADA, HIPPA, FMLA and more.


The 79th session of the Texas Legislature convened just a few hours ago and one of the primary issues legislators will address this session is reforming the Texas workers' compensation system. 

Lawmakers are considering new reform proposals because workers compensation costs in Texas continue to rank as some of the highest in the nation.  These new proposals will include the establishment of medical networks, changing the structure of the Texas Workers' Compensation Commission, return-to-work program incentives and more.

Texas remains the only state in the nation to maintain a generally elective workers compensation system and currently over 100,000 Texas businesses operate as nonsubscribers. As lawmakers discuss workers compensation, we anticipate they will also consider the benefit programs being utilized by nonsubscribers.

During the past fifteen years TXANS has successfully led the effort to protect nonsubscription in Texas and TXANS will continue to fight for Texas nonsubscribers during the 79th legislative session.  Throughout the session, TXANS will provide updates regarding the status of legislation affecting both subscribing and nonsubscribing businesses. The updates are aimed at keeping business professionals aware of the activities taking place in Austin but they will also provide suggested ways you can be involved and affect positive change.  Please encourage anyone that would like to receive TXANS legislative updates to register at: www.txans.org/contact.shtml.

Finally, TXANS has scheduled a series of local meetings in cities across Texas to discuss the 79th Legislature and how various proposals slated for consideration could affect your business. To learn more and register online, please visit: www.txans.org/cgi-bin/meetings/toc.cgi

We look forward to working with you throughout the 79th legislative session because together we can make a difference!


What is TXANS?

TXANS is a non-profit association that has been serving Texas nonsubscribers for more than a decade. TXANS works closely with lawmakers in support of a strong legislative agenda that is exclusive to nonsubscriber issues. One primary concern is the protection of responsible options to mandatory workers' compensation but TXANS is also active in other legislative matters, regulatory measures and legal proceedings that may involve nonsubscriber interests.

TXANS also provides programs and services to support the success of our members' nonsubscriber programs by sponsoring local meetings throughout Texas, offering a monthly newsletter that features up-to-the-minute information on nonsubscriber issues and hosting TXANS' Annual Conference & Exhibition. We also facilitate strong relationships within the nonsubscriber community by providing venues for networking and TXANS' staff is available to assist with nonsubscriber questions and concerns. We invite you to join the fight to preserve nonsubscription in Texas by becoming a member of TXANS. To learn more, please visit our website at www.txans.org.
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