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TXANS Association of Responsible Nonsubscribers

807 Brazos Street,
Suite 802
Austin, TX 78701
Ph: 512-477-7357

Help to Preserve the Option to Provide Benefits as a Texas Nonsubscriber

Protect the freedom to choose injury benefit options as a responsible Texas nonsubscriber by recruiting a TXANS member or supplier today.

TXANS ability to support the Texas responsible nonsubscriber community as well as preserving the Texas non-subscriber option is almost entirely dependant upon the level of business participation in the association. One of the best ways TXANS can continue to support your business, while protecting the responsible nonsubscriber option, is to ask for your help in recruiting and referring other businesses to TXANS.

It is likely that your company utilizes products and services provided by other businesses. These companies might provide equipment, parts, supplies, services etc. a number of which may already operate as Texas nonsubscribers. All Texas nonsubscribers, including you, benefit if these businesses operate responsibly and lend their support to TXANS

In addition, you may use third-party products and services to support your responsible nonsubscriber program. Nonsubscriber related services offered by medical providers, legal professionals, insurance carriers and agents, claim and bill review specialists, safety and risk management professionals and more. We can build a stronger nonsubscriber community if these companies offer products and services stay abreast of the latest nonsubscriber issues by participating in TXANS. You can encourage your providers to do so by participating as a TXANS supplier. To determine if your providers are participating as a TXANS' supplier, please visit TXANS Directory of Nonsubscriber Industry Professionals HERE.

If you would like to refer a company or contact to TXANS, please use TXANS contact form or contact TXANS at info@txans.org. TXANS will happily send member/supplier information at your request. Thank you for helping to protect the option to operate as a responsible nonsubscriber and ensure that TXANS remains a strong, viable association!

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