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TXANS Association of Responsible Nonsubscribers

807 Brazos Street,
Suite 802
Austin, TX 78701
Ph: 512-477-7357

TXANS Nonsubscriber Related Publications

TXANS is pleased to provide a number of specialized benefits dedicated to helping employers’ succeed in operating as responsible nonsubscribers.  One valuable benefit is that each employee of registered TXANS member or supplier business can receive the following nonsubscriber-related publication at no additional charge: 

TXANS Newsletter offers information designed to help businesses succeed at managing their Texas nonsubscriber injury benefit program.

TXANS Update provides up to the minute information on regulatory issues, filing requirements, legal developments and more relating to responsible nonsubscription.

TXANS Capitol Report TXANS Capitol Report provides:

  • Up to the minute information on important nonsubscriber news from the Texas capitol.
  • Reports on pending legislation while there is still time to get involved and affect the outcome.
  • A first-hand look at new laws and regulations that will impact Texas nonsubscribers.

TXANS Newsline provides the latest information on employment-related issues from news sources throughout the world. Each business day virtually hundreds of sources are utilized to offer valuable information on a variety of topics that are reported on a weekly basis to TXANS members.

TXANS Podcasts provide TXANS members the opportunity to subscribe to a service that automatically downloads audio files on topics of interest to nonsubscribing businesses. These programs include interviews with nonsubscriber industry professionals as well as excerpts of important educational programs at TXANS seminars and conferences. One of the benefits of downloading TXANS Podcasts to a portable device is that the TXANS Podcast programs can be accessed almost anywhere - while driving, traveling, exercising and more.

TXANS Knowledge Center is an on-line library of articles, reports, legal opinions and other information for Texas non-subscribers. TXANS Knowledge Center provides Texas registered TXANS members immediate access 24/7 to nearly 600 articles, reports, surveys, statistical information, sample documents, court opinions, legal summaries and more.

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If your company is not a TXANS member or supplier business pleaseCLICK HERE to participate as a TXANS member if your company operates as a nonsubscriber. If your company provides products and/or services to the nonsubscriber community please CLICK HERE to participate as a TXANS Supplier.



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