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TXANS Association of Responsible Nonsubscribers

807 Brazos Street,
Suite 802
Austin, TX 78701
Ph: 512-477-7357

More Benefits to Help Texas Businesses Succeed as Responsible Nonsubscribers

Staff Support

TXANS staff serves association members on nonsubscriber issues by answering questions, providing information and doing just about what ever it takes. The Texas nonsubscriber market is constantly evolving so TXANS staff tracks the latest trends to keep members apprised and make it easier for them to focus on their business.

Legislative Representation

Texas is the only state in the nation to allow most private industries the option to nonsubscribe. But that freedom is threatened by those who want to force all businesses to participate in the workers' compensation system. TXANS believes that the system should not be paramount but rather the ability to offer affordable programs that serve employers and employees alike. Your dues are an investment in maintaining this important freedom to choose. To preserve the nonsubscriber option, TXANS interfaces with lawmakers, staff, regulatory agencies, etc., testifies before legislative bodies and state agencies, drafts proposed rules and regulations and more.

Company Recognition

Your company's membership with the Texas Association of Responsible Nonsubscribers demonstrates your commitment to responsible nonsubscription. Although there are more 100,000 nonsubscribing businesses in Texas, your commitment to nonsubscription through your membership with TXANS sets your company apart.

Educational Programs

Your TXANS membership delivers value to your company through a variety of educational programs on nonsubscriber topics and other employment-related issues.  For example, TXANS' local meetings are offered in cities across Texas to explore current trends in nonsubscription and TXANS' Annual Nonsubscriber Conference & Exhibition features a vast array of educational programs that can be customized for your individual needs.

Regulatory Assistance

Texas nonsubscribing businesses are subject to various state and federal laws and regulations. Among other things, Texas nonsubscribers must report certain workplace injuries, post notices in the workplace and notify employees of their nonsubscriber status. TXANS will keep you abreast of the laws and regulations associated with Texas non-subscription and notify you of any changes. This includes automatic distribution of any new forms or notices required by the State of Texas.

Networking - Peer Assistance

Let's face it. Since Texas is the only state in the nation to allow businesses the option to provide benefits outside of workers' compensation, operating as a nonsubscriber can sometimes be a lonely place. TXANS provides ample opportunities to meet with other nonsubscribing employers and industry representatives. TXANS events are a great way to share ideas and learn what other nonsubscribers are doing. Even if you don't participate in TXANS meetings and events, TXANS staff can facilitate communications between members.

Making a Difference

Many businesses that operate with a responsible nonsubscriber program can not only save over the high cost of workers' compensation but also reduce the number of workplace injuries while providing superior benefits to injured employees. TXANS believes that employers who reduce injuries and provide superior benefits can coexist alongside the workers' compensation system. Your company's membership with TXANS helps to make a positive difference by demonstrating that businesses will do what is right without burdensome laws, rules, regulations and their associated costs.

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