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TXANS Association of Responsible Nonsubscribers

Ph: 512-477-7357

"Thanks for all you do. TXANS is the most helpful, worthwhile organization I have ever belonged to."

"I wanted you to know    what a great organization TXANS is and how       glad I am to be involved with a group that has so many opportunities."

"Through our association with TXANS we have been able to network

with other responsible nonsubscribers via

local meetings and the annual conference, increasing our

knowledge of current regulations governing


"I'm sure I speak for all the members when I say thanks for the constant updates, and for staying on top of the most

critical issue facing

Texas business owners today."

"Congratulations on the success of the organization and the terrific growth in membership."

"Membership in TXANS provides very real

benefits and we feel privileged to have such

an opportunity to associate with such a professional group of companies."

"I anticipated TXANS would be a good source of information but you have exceeded my expectations!"

TXANS Membership Delivers Value to Texas Nonsubscribers

There are two prerequisites for safeguarding the freedom to nonsubscribe. First and foremost, all nonsubscribers must care for injured employees by offering quality injury benefits. Secondly, businesses must work together through TXANS to safeguard the nonsubscriber option. TXANS ability to safeguard this freedom absolutely depends on support from Texas businesses.

TXANS members are businesses that provide employee injury benefits as nonsubscribers as well as subscribing businesses that support TXANS mission and goals.

TXANS Membership Delivers Value

When a business or an individual considers joining an association, they typically ask two questions:

  • What will membership in the association do for me and/or my company?
  • Is the price of dues worth what we will gain in return?

We hope that after examining all the benefits TXANS provides to both you and your company you will agree that your company can't afford NOT to become a TXANS member. 

TXANS’ membership serves the member company—every employee of the member company. Management, legal staff and even the president can access all the benefits provided by your TXANS membership.

TXANS Provides Quality Benefits

Participating as a TXANS member provides benefits intended to help your company succeed as a responsible nonsubscriber. Member benefits include:

TXANS Newsletter offers information designed to help businesses succeed at managing their Texas nonsubscriber injury benefit program.

TXANS Update provides up to the minute information on regulatory issues, filing requirements, legal developments and more relating to responsible nonsubscription.

TXANS Capitol Report TXANS Capitol Report provides:

  • Up to the minute information on important nonsubscriber news from the Texas capitol.
  • Reports on pending legislation while there is still time to get involved and affect the outcome.
  • A first-hand look at new laws and regulations that will impact Texas nonsubscribers.

TXANS Newsline provides the latest information on employment-related issues from news sources throughout the world.  Each business day virtually hundreds of sources are utilized to offer valuable information on a variety of topics that are reported on a weekly basis to TXANS members.

TXANS Podcasts provide TXANS members the opportunity to subscribe to a service that automatically downloads audio files on topics of interest to nonsubscribing businesses.  Some of these programs include interviews with nonsubscriber industry professionals as well as excerpts of important educational programs at TXANS seminars and conferences.  TXANS members can listen to these programs via speakers on a computer system or on a portable hand held device. One of the benefits of downloading TXANS Podcasts to a portable device is that the TXANS Podcast programs can be accessed almost anywhere - while driving, traveling, exercising and more.   

TXANS Knowledge Center is an on-line library of articles, reports, legal opinions and other important information for Texas non-subscribers. TXANS Knowledge Center provides Texas registered TXANS members immediate access 24/7 to nearly 600 articles, reports, surveys, statistical information, sample documents, court opinions, legal summaries and more.  In addition to information relating to nonsubscription in Texas the TXANS Knowledge Center provides helpful information relating to state and federal employment law issues.

TXANS Laws & Regulations offers updated information on state and federal laws and regulations relative to Texas nonsubscribers.

Workers' Compensation and Employment Issues

TXANS also provides regular updates on workers' compensation and employment law issues. TXANS provides information on more than just nonsubscription because many nonsubscribers monitor workers' compensation as a way to compare benefits and costs. Employment practices can also have a direct impact on a nonsubscriber’s performance. The filing of a workers’ compensation or nonsubscriber claim can sometimes be attributed to employee attitudes or other general employment laws issues. Federal laws also impact nonsubscriber programs—laws like the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA), Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) and the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA). Information on employment law issues and their importance to Texas nonsubscribers helps TXANS members avoid lawsuits and costly penalties. While TXANS primary focus will always be to help TXANS employer members succeed as responsible nonsubscribers, TXANS is pleased to provide these value added services as a benefit of participation.

TXANS Surveys  At least once a month TXANS surveys members and suppliers on important issues relating to nonsubscription.  The views of TXANS members are very important as they provide TXANS valuable direction on important issues, including legislative issues and educational programming. TXANS Poll is a feature of TXANS monthly newsletter that allows participants to review TXANS Survey results as they are compiled.  Survey results are also maintained in TXANS Knowledge Center, which is a benefit that is available to registered TXANS members and suppliers. All survey responses are strictly confidential. 

TXANS Virtual Learning

Issues that impact the workplace continue to grow at a record pace amidst rising travel costs, limited travel budgets and increased time restraints.  To help TXANS members satisfy their thirst for education while addressing the need to conserve costs, TXANS provides series of Virtual Learning programs that will offer the same quality content but without the added costs and time expenditures associated with traditional meetings.  By combining innovation and technology with TXANS valued learning, you can now attend TXANS meetings online and gain the latest news and information without ever leaving your office. Live presentations will allow you to interact with the presenter just as you would at a traditional meeting while archived presentations will offer the flexibility to attend educational programs whenever your schedule allows.  All you need is an Internet connection and a telephone.  

TXANS Virtual Learning will feature two formats:  live meetings and meetings on-demand.  Each topic will be offered initially as a live presentation that will include the opportunity to hear directly from the speaker and present questions.  Live presentations will be scheduled on a specific time and date.  On-demand presentations are archived versions of live presentations that will be available through TXANS Virtual Learning Library for viewing at your convenience. 

 As TXANS Virtual Learning Library grows, you will have access to an increasing selection of quality educational programming which can be used to:

  • Train new staff
  • Enhance the skills of current staff
  • Learn the latest news about employment and nonsubscriber issues 

TXANS Virtual Learning will allow you to share the value of TXANS educational programs with additional staff thereby providing added training and knowledge of important nonsubscriber topics, issues, rules, regulations and much more. 

TXANS Local Meetings are hosted regularly throughout the State of Texas. Meetings are educational and focus on nonsubscriber and employment law issues in Texas.

TXANS Annual Nonsubscriber Conference & Exhibition™ is the state’s largest and most comprehensive event exclusive to nonsubscription in Texas. If your company is a Texas nonsubscriber, subscriber or a Texas nonsubscriber industry professional this is one event you cannot afford to miss!  Explore new trends in the nonsubscriber market, network and gain valuable information regarding legal, regulatory and legislative endeavors that relate to Texas nonsubscribers.  TXANS' Annual Nonsubscriber Conference & Exhibition features a number of programs and events designed to help Texas employers succeed as responsible nonsubscribers. TXANS general session highlights issues of importance for all nonsubscribing businesses. A wide selection of educational Learning Labs provide updates on the latest legislative issues, legal and regulatory developments, safety programs, medical care and more. TXANS' Nonsubscriber Exhibition features businesses that provide products and services for Texas non-subscribers. Continuing educational credits from state agencies and associations are usually available for qualified attendees. TXANS Members receive registration discounts at 50% off the regular early registration discount! 

TXANS Onsite Educational/Training Programs TXANS offers educational programs at various locations throughout the state but we understand that travel-related costs and scheduling issues may limit one’s ability to attend local meetings. Education and training plays an important role in a company’s success as a nonsubscriber.  As a result, TXANS is pleased to offer this cost effective option for those who cannot attend TXANS local meetings.  TXANS will travel to your location to provide valuable onsite training and educational programs. 

TXANS Networking is a great way to gain input from fellow employers and nonsubscriber industry professionals. The top positions held by TXANS members are listed in order of the highest to lowest percentages as follows - President, Human Resources, Vice President, Risk Manager, CFO and related, Safety and Claims.

TXANS Membership Certificate allows your company to proudly display its affiliation with TXANS and the top nonsubscribing businesses in Texas.  Over the years TXANS members have proven that many businesses can and will provide safe workplaces and quality benefits when afforded the opportunity to do so. In turn, this has allowed many companies to remain in business, provide jobs and increase benefits while preserving choice and freedom for both employers and employees. Responsible nonsubscriber programs also provide a laboratory of sorts to examine new injury benefit solutions that would not otherwise exist. Displaying your participation in TXANS evidences your commitment to responsible nonsubscription in Texas to your employees, customers and others.

TXANS Member Discounts All registered employees of TXANS members get discounts on all TXANS events where there is a cost involved including TXANS Local Meetings, Educational Seminars and TXANS Annual Nonsubscriber Conference and Exhibition. In addition to TXANS discounts a number of TXANS Supplier companies (companies who provide nonsubscriber related products and services) provide TXANS member discounts as well. Also, as a TXANS member you have direct access to a listing of TXANS Supplier companies if your company is in need of medical, legal, claims, safety, insurance or one of many other services that support nonsubscriber programs.

TXANS Staff is available to assist members with nonsubscriber related issues.

Legislative Representation

There one final, critically important benefit that we would like to add as well. This benefit is that TXANS fights for TXANS member companies to the option to provide benefits as a responsible nonsubscriber. Although the option to nonsubscribe once existed in many other states over the years most states have passed laws making workers, compensation the only way that injury benefits can be provided. Today Texas is the last state in the nation where this option is available and despite the success of many nonsubscribing businesses several special interests want to mandate the costly system on all Texas employers.

Your companies membership is needed both to demonstrate that there are employers who are responsible nonsubscribers that will stand against the special interests who would benefit if all employers were forced to pay into a system that benefits them more than it does your employees or your company. In addition to showing that responsible nonsubscribers have joined together in one strong effective effort your membership also helps to fund TXANS efforts to lobby at the state capitol, participate in committee and agency hearings, draft legislation and amendments, file briefs, provide information to lawmakers and much more.

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