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TXANS Association of Responsible Nonsubscribers

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TXANS Member Resource Center Supports Responsible Texas Nonsubscriber Injury Benefit Programs

TXANS Member Resource Center offers helpful information concerning responsible nonsubscription in Texas. TXANS Member Resource Center provides Texas non-subscribers immediate access 24/7 to nearly 600 articles, reports, sample documents, court opinions, legal summaries and more.

In addition to information relating to nonsubscription in Texas the TXANS Member Resource Center provides information relating to state and federal employment law issues. Documentation includes:

  • Surveys, studies and statistics regarding Texas nonsubscribers. Information on important questions including:
  • How do our injury rates compare with other nonsubscribing businesses?
  • How do our costs compare with other nonsubscribing businesses?
  • How do our benefits compare to other nonsubscriber programs?
  • How does our nonsubscriber experience compare with businesses that subscribe to workers’ compensation?
  • Legal opinions from state and federal courts, including attorney summaries and recommendations
  • State nonsubscriber forms and notices
  • State and federal forms and notices on other related employment issues
  • Sample workplace safety programs, safety-related documents such as industry specific training programs and safety-related posting materials
  • Sample policies relating to drugs, sexual harassment and violence in the workplace
  • Nonsubscriber reports
  • TXANS’ newsletter articles on a variety of issues relating to nonsubscribing businesses.

Access to TXANS Member Resource Center is a benefit of participation as a TXANS member or supplier. Username and Passwords are assigned by TXANS to individual registered employees of TXANS’ member and supplier businesses. All registrants must agree to the Terms of Use below. To apply for access, please contact TXANS at info@txans.org.

Terms of Use

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If you need assistance locating information in TXANS Member Resource Center, TXANS staff is available to assist you. For assistance, please contact TXANS at info@txans.org.

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