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“ Thanks for staying on top of the legislative process for the rest

of us!"


Fort Worth, Texas.

“ I'm sure I speak for all the members when I say thank you for the

constant updates and

for staying on top of the most critical issue facing Texas businesses.”

B.R. North Richland Hills, Texas.

“ TXANS is one of the beacons of hope for the Texas business community.”

Texas Senator

“ TXANS is a group of people who share a love for freedom and a desire for finding solutions

which call for less government regulation.”

Former United States House Majority Leader

“Thank you for working diligently with our legislative body and keeping the business community properly informed”

T. P. Lewisville, Texas

“Thank you for your dedication, input and assistance on the workers' compensation

reform bills”

Texas Senator

“TXANS is our ‘Paul Revere’. Had we not known of the pending legislation certainly we would have not had time to respond.”

J. S. Dallas, Texas

"I especially applaud the efforts of TXANS in seeking to make

rational, well

considered decisions

while providing

responsible levels of

benefits for workers"

State Representative

"We were very

impressed with TXANS Legislative Day

at the state capitol.

Keep up the good work!"

DR Group Dallas, Texas

TXANS Protects Your Freedom to Provide Responsible Nonsubscriber Injury Benefit Programs

Texas businesses have the privilege to operate as nonsubscribers, a freedom that doesn't exist in most states. This freedom can be attributed to TXANS’ efforts that began nearly two decades ago when a group of responsible nonsubscribers established TXANS. Promoting responsibility amongst nonsubscribing employers and addressing the policy concerns of public officials are vital to TXANS’ efforts to safeguard the freedom to operate as a Texas nonsubsubscriber.

TXANS works diligently on behalf of Texas nonsubscribers and here are just a few examples of TXANS efforts and successes:

  • Successfully opposed efforts to mandate workers’ compensation on all Texas employers
  • Successfully opposed efforts to mandate workers’ compensation on specific industries
  • Successfully prevented additional efforts to introduce “mandatory” legislation
  • Successfully amended legislation to protect responsible nonsubscribers and exclude them from new mandates
  • Successfully introduced legislation to limit liability for responsible nonsubscribers
  • Successfully introduced legislation to allow certain state entitled to provide alternative benefits protecting employees and taxpayers
  • Successfully demonstrated the responsible nature of nonsubscriber practices and programs to Texas’ public officials
  • Successfully monitored thousands of pieces of legislation to identify and protect nonsubscriber interests
  • Successfully supported public officials that support responsible injury benefit options
  • Successfully opposed regulations harmful to responsible nonsubscribers
  • Successfully amended nonsubscriber forms and notices to reduce potential conflict and/or litigation

TXANS also:

  • Enables members to play an active role in the legislative process
  • Successfully maintains a vital communication network for nonsubscribers that offers immediate notification of potential or pending legislative or regulatory actions
  • Serves on state and national organizations in support of responsible nonsubscription
  • Provides venues for legislator/candidate presentations at TXANS meetings
  • Monitors judicial matters that relate to responsible nonsubscribers
  • Offers amicus curiae briefs on behalf of Texas nonsubscribers in certain judicial matters (An amicus curiae brief or “friend of the court brief” provides information from a entity that is not a party to the action but may have an interest in the matter’s outcome)
  • Represents Texas nonsubscribers in judicial matters Legislation and Regulation relating to the protecting the confidentiality of certain nonsubscriber related data

TXANS Executive Director Steve Bent testifies during a legislative hearing. 

TXANS Supports Innovative Solutions

TXANS supports the freedom for both employers and employees to choose quality injury benefit options regardless of the delivery system. Texas’ nonsubscriber option provides unique opportunities to compare workplace safety practices, medical costs, benefit provisions, insurance and satisfaction, both employer and employee. The knowledge gained from nonsubscriber programs can offer innovative ways to improve workers’ compensation.

TXANS Continues to Lead the Fight

Since its inception, TXANS has been extremely successful thanks to an active group of members and suppliers and public officials. However, we must remain diligent because TXANS successes to date do not guarantee a future for the freedom to choose injury benefit options.

There are two prerequisites for safeguarding the freedom to nonsubscribe. Specifically, all nonsubscribers must care for injured employees by offering quality injury benefits and businesses must work together through TXANS to safeguard the nonsubscriber option. TXANS ability to safeguard this freedom depends on support from Texas businesses--nonsubscribing businesses, subscribing businesses and nonsubscriber industry professionals that support the freedom to choose responsible nonsubscription.

If you are not involved in TXANS, we urge you to join TXANS’ fight to maintain the nonsubscriber option for responsible nonsubscribers. If your company is a nonsubscriber or a subscriber to workers' compensation, please Click Here. If your company offers products or services to Texas nonsubscribers, please Click Here.

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