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For nearly 25 years, TXANS Annual Nonsubscriber Conference & Exhibition has provided valuable insight and useful tools to support the management of responsible nonsubscriber benefit programs. Companies that operate as a Texas nonsubscriber to workers’ compensation, businesses exploring the nonsubscriber option and providers that offer products or services to support Texas nonsubscribers cannot afford to miss this event.

CASE LAW REVIEW - TXANS Annual Case Law Review focuses on the year’s most relevant case law. A panel of nonsubscriber attorneys will outline cases that warrant the attention of Texas nonsubscribers and could necessitate change to current Texas nonsubscriber programs.

21ST CENTURY NONSUBSCRIPTION VERDICT RISK - 21st Century Nonsubscription Verdict Risk will offer a deeper look at litigated and arbitrated disputes based upon a recent analysis of nonsubscriber verdicts and claim outcomes. A panel of litigation strategists will focus on identifying trends with the goal of mitigating exposure at claim infancy, through arbitration and trial.

RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN TEXAS NONSUBSCRIBER REGULATIONS & FEDERAL EMPLOYMENT LAWS – Handlers of workplace injuries claims are not always involved in human resources and a Texas nonsubscriber plan adds another layer to an already complex web of federal laws and regulations. This program will consider federal employment laws and walk you through issues to consider when integrating them with Texas nonsubscriber regulations in the context of a nonsubscriber workplace injury.

LEGAL CONSIDERATIONS FOR NONSUBSCRIBER LIFTING & PREMISES LIABILITY CLAIMS - Lifting and premises liability claims are common in nonsubscriber claims and several recent court decisions have changed the way claims professionals should address and respond to these claims. This presentation will walk you through the legal landscape of these types of claims and offer insight into potential changes in light of the most recent outcomes.

FRAUD INVESTIGATION IN THE DIGITAL AGE – Social media sites have opened up new opportunities for professional investigators looking to find evidence of injury benefit fraud. However experts warn certain legal issues must be addressed when obtaining information from social media outlets. This program will explore important issues relative to fraud investigation and offer specific do's and don’ts for investigating fraud in the digital age.

PHARMACEUTICAL COMPOUNDING IN THE CONTEXT OF OCCUPATIONAL INJURIES –An increasing number of compounds are being prescribed to injured workers and because they may not always be the best alternative, new challenges are emerging for payers. This session will offer an in depth look at pharmaceutical compounds and arm attendees with helpful tips for determining if a compound is the right solution for an injured worker.

EVIDENCE–BASED TOOLS FOR IMPROVING HEALTH AND RETURN TO WORK OUTCOMES - The Official Disability Guidelines is a management tool for medical necessity determinations utilizing evidence-based data to support claim decisions relating to medical treatment, reserving and return-to-work scenarios. Because ODG is being utilized with increasing frequency in the occupational setting, this program will examine outcomes since Texas adopted ODG and offer tips for claims professionals looking to utilize this resource to improve health and return-to-work outcomes.

THE NEW OSHA - OSHA has been much more active in recent years inspecting work sites and targeting industries in search of violations. This program will provide a valuable OSHA update focusing on where today’s efforts are concentrated, modifications to current regulations, plans for change and steps employers can take to avoid costly fines.

TXANS 2014 Nonsubscriber Conference & Exhibition will also feature a nonsubscriber exhibition featuring a variety of providers whose services are geared for Texas nonsubscriber programs. Professionals versed in nonsubscriber insurance, claims, legal and more will be on hand with the latest solutions available to Texas nonsubscribers.

Click the TXANS 24th Annual Nonsubscriber Conference banner on the right side of the main page for more information.

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