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Of the roughly 6,000 bills filed during the 2013 session, more than 100 bills contained provisions that could have impacted Texas nonsubscribers however the majority of this legislation failed to pass. The most significant threats to Texas nonsubscriber programs included:

Legislation to require Texas contractors and subcontractors to maintain workers’ compensation coverage. Since the term “contractor” was not clearly defined, had this legislation passed other companies could have been subject to the mandatory provisions. For example, companies like hotels, restaurants, hospitals and grocery stores that repair or install equipment at their own facility could have been affected by this measure.

Legislation to require all employers in the hotel industry to provide workers’ compensation insurance.

Legislation to require Texas nonsubscribers purchase a life insurance policy in the amount at least $200,000 for each employee, which would be paid to the decedent’s beneficiaries in event of a workplace fatality. This measure would have required nonsubscribers to offer the life insurance proceeds in addition to any death benefits set forth in a current program and would not preclude the decedent’s beneficiaries from pursuing a tort claim against the nonsubscriber.

Legislation to require Texas nonsubscribers to disclose sensitive financial, legal and protected medical information.

TXANS works diligently to protect sensitive claim information for Texas nonsubscribers and one way employers and industry professionals alike can aid in this effort is to ensure that your business or clients are in full compliance with nonsubscriber reporting requirements. Downloadable copies of current nonsubscriber forms and notices are available on TXANS website.
Oklahoma Legislature

The Oklahoma legislature enacted new “opt out” legislation in the spring of 2013. The legislation creates an opportunity for Oklahoma employers to opt out, in exchange for requirements to provide a fixed level of benefits and assurances that benefits will be paid under state law.
Protecting the Freedom to Nonsubscribe

All in all it was a good session for those who support responsible work-injury benefit options in Texas and as a result, nonsubscribers remain free to focus on supporting and improving the quality of their current Responsible Nonsubscriber™ programs.

Providing quality benefits as a nonsubscriber not only serves employers and employees but is also the most important factor in maintaining the freedom to nonsubscribe. TXANS ability to safeguard this freedom hinges on its ability to show willingness on the part of the nonsubscriber community to provide for the needs of its injured employees.

Working as a community – a community of nonsubscribing employers, subscribing employers and nonsubscriber industry professionals – we can protect the freedom to choose a Responsible Nonsubscriber™ program.

We urge you to join TXANS efforts to maintain a nonsubscriber option in Texas. For more information on membership, please visit TXANS website at www.txans.org.

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