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TXANS educational programs will offer innovative approaches to employer issues. Networking events will provide opportunities to meet and share ideas with Texas nonsubscribers and industry professionals while TXANS 2012 Nonsubscriber Marketplace will feature industry partners that offer products and services to support responsible nonsubscriber programs.

Learning Labs

What it takes to Succeed as a Texas Nonsubscriber: Testimonials from Experience Acquire insight from a 20-year nonsubscriber on pertinent nonsubscriber issues like plan implementation, cost savings, engaging your workforce and the crown jewel of their success: a nationally recognized program to reduce workplace injuries.

ERISA Update: Fiduciary Duties & Liabilities
Gain the latest information on duties, procedures, disclosure and compensation for fiduciaries under the Employee Retirement Income & Security Act –ERISA.

The Year's Top Nonsubscriber & Employment Law Decisions
Join a panel of esteemed Texas attorneys for an informative review of the year’s top state and federal employment law outcomes.

New Transportation Regulations: Managing Transportation Risks Effectively
Examine transportation issues for nonsubscribers particularly new commercial motor carrier regulations and techniques for effective risk management.

Union-Free but not Scot-Free: A Warning for Non-Union Employers
Investigate how recent decisions by the National Labor Relations Board are making it easier for unions to organize while affecting the rights of non-union employers.

Understanding USERRA: New Regulations to Protect Returning Service Personnel
Take an in-depth look the employment and re-employment obligations under USERRA to help achieve lawful exchanges with returning service men and women.

Engaging Employees to Gain a Competitive Advantage
Collect insight on the design and administration of effective workforce tools aimed at engaging employees to increase productivity.

Misclassification of Employees: Avoiding Costly Tax & Legal Consequences
Join this informative discussion of workforce classification, which has come under increased scrutiny, to avoid the costly legal consequences of misclassification.

Investigating Workplace Misconduct, Discrimination & Harassment
Learn effective methods for conducting thorough investigations with the practical guidance needed to make informed, legally defensible decisions.

Navigating the Texas Unemployment Compensation System
Delve deeper into the Texas unemployment system to increase your understanding of the rising costs associated with unemployment insurance.

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