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Issues that impact the workplace continue to grow at a record pace amidst rising travel costs, limited travel budgets and increased time restraints. To help TXANS members satisfy their thirst for education while addressing the need to conserve costs, TXANS is introducing a new series of Virtual Learning programs that will offer the same quality content but without the added costs and time expenditures associated with traditional meetings.

By combining innovation and technology with TXANS valued learning, you can now attend TXANS meetings online and gain the latest news and information without ever leaving your office. Live presentations will allow you to interact with the presenter just as you would at a traditional meeting while archived presentations will offer the flexibility to attend educational programs whenever your schedule allows. All you need is an Internet connection and a telephone.

Dual Formats

TXANS Virtual Learning will feature two formats: live meetings and meetings on-demand. Each topic will be offered initially as a live presentation that will include the opportunity to hear directly from the speaker and present questions. Live presentations will be scheduled on a specific time and date. On-demand presentations are archived versions of live presentations that will be available through TXANS Virtual Learning Library for viewing at your convenience.

As TXANS Virtual Learning Library grows, you will have access to an increasing selection of quality educational programming which can be used to:

* Train new staff
* Enhance the skills of current staff
* Learn the latest news about employment and nonsubscriber issues

TXANS Virtual Learning will allow you to share the value of TXANS educational programs with additional staff thereby providing added training and knowledge of important nonsubscriber topics, issues, rules, regulations and much more.

For more information click on "Virtual Learning" on TXANS homepage at www.txans.org

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