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TXANS Association of Responsible Nonsubscribers

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Austin, TX 78701
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While the impact of the recession has not been as severe in Texas as it has in other states, some employees of TXANS member-businesses have lost their jobs due to prolonged economic uncertainties. In an effort to help employees trained in nonsubscriber operations, TXANS has and will distribute resumes, make contacts and otherwise aid employees of TXANS member-businesses that may be seeking to re-establish employment with a Texas nonsubscriber.

Please help us help those with nonsubscriber experience. If you have job openings at your business, please make TXANS aware so that we can connect potential employees and employers. Also, if you are willing to help redistribute resumes or network on behalf of these employees, TXANS would like to hear from you. Mentors are also invited to contact TXANS to help candidates improve resumes, network or simply offer constructive feedback on their job hunting efforts.

Difficult economic times present challenges for many, both employees and employers, but by working together we can help those within our nonsubscriber community persevere.

If you are seeking employment, have positions available or would like to help, please contact TXANS.

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