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TXANS is very pleased to report that House Bill 1772 was successfully amended in the Texas House of Representatives.

Texas businesses, regardless of their status as a subscriber or nonsubscriber, and workers' compensation carriers are required to file certain injury reports with the the Division of Workers Compensation at the Texas Department of Insurance (DWC).

In its original form, HB 1772 targeted only Texas nonsubscribers. More specifically, HB 1772 sought to gain data on the compliance rates of Texas nonsubscribers and would have required the DWC to submit an annual report to the legislature regarding the compliance rates of nonsubscribing businesses.

Despite considerable opposition TXANS worked to amend HB 1772 to collect data for all entities that are required to file injury reports with the DWC and provide reports regarding said data in a fair and objective manner.

HB 1772 will now be referred to the Texas Senate. TXANS will continue to work to ensure its amendment remains throughout the legislative process.

While several members of the Texas House of Representatives helped to bring about this success, no one deserves more thanks than State Representative Frank Corte (R-San Antonio). Representative Corte led the charge to amend the bill on TXANS behalf. Representative Corte and his staff were very determined to see that nonsubscribers would not be targeted by HB 1772.

TXANS will provide a legislative update on these and other nonsubscriber-related legislation at TXANS Annual Nonsubscriber Conference & Exhibition later this week.

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