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Yesterday TXANS testified before the House Committee on Business & Industry in opposition to House Bill 1772 because it would require nonsubscribers to submit sensitive financial data related to employee injuries with no specific restrictions on how the information would be utilized.

Groups in support of the bill alleged non-compliance as the impetus behind the bill. They claim that more stringent laws are necessary because Texas nonsubscribers are failing to report workplace injuries.

TXANS Executive Director, Steve Bent testified to compliance amongst TXANS members and stated that failure to comply stems mostly from unawareness. Mr. Bent went on to say that TXANS understands the need to collect information and assured the committee that TXANS will continue to work to ensure greater awareness of nonsubscriber reporting obligations.

The bill's author, Representative Michael Villarreal (D-San Antonio) introduced a committee substitute to address TXANS concerns. The committee substitute strikes the reporting requirement and replaces it with a requirement for Division of Workers' Compensation to detail nonsubscriber reporting compliance. More specifically, the DWC would be required to submit an annual report to the Texas legislature outlining nonsubscriber compliance with the state's reporting requirements.

Other nonsubscriber-related legislation that would require nonsubscribers to report sensitive cost information, circumvent nonsubscriber dispute resolution agreements and more are still pending. TXANS will continue work on behalf of Texas nonsubscribers and report its actions throughout the remainder of the 80th regular session.

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