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Employers benefit from workplace safety programs for many reasons. First and foremost workplace safety programs help spare employees and their families the damaging consequences associated with the nearly 4 million injuries and more than 6,000 fatalities that occur in U.S. workplaces each year. Workplace safety programs also help to reduce the estimated $255 billion spent on work related injuries annually.

As opposed to injury systems that focus on what happens after an injury, successful nonsubscriber programs routinely emphasize efforts to prevent injuries. Nonsubscribers are acutely aware of the incentives for preventing injuries and will oftentimes apply significant resources to injury prevention programs while also assuring that employees receive quality care.

Advantages of a Nonsubscriber Safety Program

Nonsubscribers frequently have an advantage when it comes to injury prevention. For example, nonsubscribers usually save a substantial amount on insurance and claim costs following the adoption of a responsible nonsubscriber program. Many nonsubscribers then reinvest that savings into higher wages, business expansion which provides more jobs or other providing other employee benefits such as health insurance investing in workplace safety programs.

For samples of workplace safety policies and other information regarding workplace safety and nonsubscription please visit the TXANS Knowledge Center.

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