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One of the most important ways an employer can succeed as a responsible nonsubscriber is to ensure employees receive quality medical care following a work-related injury. Employer involvement demonstrates the company’s commitment to employees while also helping to lower injury costs, reduce disputes, and expedite return to work, productivity and impact on litigation rates.

There are several steps nonsubscribers should take to ensure employees receive quality post-injury care. Communication is key. Employees must understand the scope of the benefits as well as the company’s expectations relating to receipt of those benefits. Many workplace injury disputes occur because the employee lacks an adequate understanding of the benefit program.

Nonsubscribers should also utilize quality health care providers. One good measure is to ask, “Would I utilize this physician/facility for my own health care?” Although cost is a factor it should not be the only determent. The overall quality of care verses a decision based solely on provider’s pricing schedule is favored by many nonsubscribers. Other factors to consider in the selection of health care providers might include the provider’s qualifications and related experience and geographic proximity.

Nonsubscribers should also provide way's for employee to express concerns about health care providers that includes options for utilization of other approved providers, if warranted.

There is no better way to protect the freedom to provide quality benefits as nonsubscribers than for all nonsubscribers to demonstrate a strong commitment to injury prevention and providing quality injury benefits to all employees.

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