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The Form 5500 must be filed within seven months of the end of the plan year. But there are exceptions. Exceptions can include plans with 100 or fewer participants at the beginning of the plan year, certain fully insured plans, church plans or plans whose benefits are paid via an unfunded welfare benefit plan.

Because the determination relating to the Form 5500 filing requirements depends on a number of factors, employers should carefully evaluate the filing requirement. The good news is however if you find you must comply, the form is relatively simple and the associated filing costs should not exceed a few hundred dollars.


the filing requirement should be evaluated carefully so as not to incur penalties for non-compliance. Penalties for non-compliance can exceed $1,000 per day but they can be reduced for employers that comply voluntarily.

The Form 5500 and related schedules are printed on special paper so they can be processed by a computerized processing system. Therefore copies downloaded from the internet or photocopies cannot be submitted. TXANS has forms that are suitable for filing for the 2005 plan year and TXANS members can contact TXANS to request a copy of the Form 5500 and additional information.

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