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More than four hundred nonsubscribing employers and nonsubscriber industry professionals participated recently in TXANS’ 16th Annual Nonsubscriber Conference and Exhibition in Austin, Texas.

TXANS’ Annual Nonsubscriber Conference and Exhibition is the largest, most comprehensive program designed exclusively for businesses that provide injury benefits outside of traditional workers’ compensation. TXANS’ 2006 Nonsubscriber Conference & Exhibition featured an educational general session and more than twenty concurrent Learning Labs on a variety of topics from the nonsubscriber perspective—topics that included insurance, medical care, legal considerations, regulatory issues, compliance, OSHA, the EEOC laws and more.

One Learning Lab focused on nonsubscriber workplace safety. A panel of nonsubscribing employers discussed how the option to operate as a nonsubscriber provides their company additional opportunities and incentives to involve employees in the safety process. One employer noted, “Since becoming nonsubscribers we realize that employees and not managers are best positioned to see changes that need to be made to reduce workplace injuries.” Another said, “When my company was in workers’ compensation it averaged one injury a week. But after having the freedom to focus on workplace safety and not dealing with the complexities of the system, my company is only days away from going an entire year with no lost time injuries.”

Another Learning Lab explored how nonsubscribers, medical providers and employees interface to improve care and maintain affordable medical costs. A panel of medical professionals revealed that responsible nonsubscriber programs keep employers involved, which helps ensure employees receive quality care. Providers and nonsubscribing employers work together to establish rates for medical care that are acceptable to both the employer and the health care provider. One panelist commented, “It has been our experience that most nonsubscribers understand that quality care from the beginning reduces overall costs as well as the time it takes for employees to recover.”

The Texas Association of Responsible Nonsubscribers-TXANS is an employer-based non-profit association whose primary mission is to promote the use of sound and ethical practices relating to injury prevention and the provision of quality workplace injury benefits by employers that elect to operate as nonsubscribers to the Texas workers’ compensation system. TXANS offers a variety of educational resources and programs designed to support responsible nonsubscribers and nonsubscriber industry professionals. For additional information, please visit www.txans.org.

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