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Senate Bill 713 proposes to amend the current law that prohibits nonsubscriber pre-injury waiver agreements to include nonsubscriber post-injury waiver agreements, or those waivers that are signed after an employee has sustained a work-related injury. However in its current form, SB 713 would also prohibit nonsubscriber settlement and release agreements.

Senate Bill 714 prohibits discrimination against employees of nonsubscribing businesses that sustain a work-related injury. More specifically, the bill provides that nonsubscribing employers cannot discriminate or discharge an employee because he/she pursues a common law cause of action. If SB 714 passes, nonsubscribing employers would be subject to lawsuits that could result in the payment of damages.

Senate Bill 715 prohibits certain types of required arbitration agreements and employee waivers. This bill would make it unlawful for an employer to discriminate against an employee that refuses to sign an arbitration agreement. The bill also provides that an employer cannot require an employee to agree to mandatory arbitration or waive any rights as a condition of employment. The bill does however provide that if certain requirements are met, some specific types of arbitration and mediation agreements would remain valid.

A complete run-down of nonsubscriber legislation and the activities of the 79th Legislature will also be offered during the Opening Session at TXANS' 2005 Annual Nonsubscriber Conference & Exhibition, which is scheduled for March 31, 2005 in Austin, Texas. Click Here to Register

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