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The Public Policy Research Institute at Texas A&M University is conducting a random sampling of nonsubscribing businesses on behalf of the Texas Department of Insurance to support a nonsubscriber study that will be released by TDI by the end of the year.

Nonsubscriber studies also allow the state to benchmark certain aspects of workers' compensation against similar aspects of nonsubscriber programs (i.e. medical costs, safety programs, return to work practices). And state-funded nonsubscriber studies also assist the Texas legislature with ideas and potential decisions regarding workers' compensation reform. At present, committee's in the Texas House of Representatives and the Texas Senate along with the Texas Sunset Advisory Commission are all looking for ways to improve workers' compensation.

The Texas Department of Insurance represents that its efforts with respect to nonsubscribers will be fair and balanced and that the nonsubscriber survey (and its findings) are for research purposes only and not political gain. In addition, the Texas Labor Code requires that all employer survey responses be strictly confidential and TDI only publishes research findings in the aggregate.

TXANS encourages nonsubscribing businesses to participate in the TDI study and contact TXANS at info@txans.org or (512) 477-7357 with any questions or concerns.

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