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State Representative Fred Brown (R-Bryan) has filed two bills relating to nonsubscribing businesses: House Bill 570 and House Bill 851. Both bills would affect nonsubscribers that provide a specified level of benefits-benefits that are required of motor carriers that elect to nonsubscribe and are governed by the Texas Transportation Code. More specifically, the bills relate to nonsubscribing businesses that provide: $300,000 in medical benefits, $100,000 in death benefits and 75% of an employee's weekly wage for 104 weeks.

House Bill 570

HB 570 provides that if a nonsubscribing employer provides benefits that are equal to or greater than the aforementioned benefits, the company's tort liability would be limited to $250,000 in actions stemming from workplace injury claims.

The benefit provisions contained in HB 570 are not compulsory so businesses that don't meet the threshold would not be affected by its passage.

House Bill 851

Under current law, nonsubscribing businesses are precluded from bidding on state construction and building contracts. HB 851 will grant nonsubscribing businesses an opportunity to bid on these projects if they provide workplace injury benefits that are equal to or greater than the aforementioned benefits.

Representative Brown's goal for HB 851 is to allow more Texas companies, particularly smaller businesses that have a higher propensity to operate a nonsubscribers, to bid on state construction and building projects, which would in turn create a more competitive bidding process.

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