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TXANS Association of Responsible Nonsubscribers

807 Brazos Street,
Suite 802
Austin, TX 78701
Ph: 512-477-7357

Texas Association of Responsible Nonsubscribers-
TXANS Certificate of Participation

Nearly two decades ago a group of Texas nonsubscribing businesses created the Texas Association of Responsible Nonsubscribers-TXANS.

TXANS mission is:

To promote the use of sound and ethical practices relating to injury prevention and the provision of quality workplace injury benefits to employees by employers who elect to operate as nonsubscribers to the Texas Workers' Compensation system.

To achieve these goals TXANS provides a number of specialized programs and services to help employers succeed as responsible nonsubscribers while working with law and policy makers to preserve the freedom to choose quality injury benefit options.

Over the years TXANS members have proven that many businesses can and will provide safe workplaces and quality benefits when afforded the opportunity to do so. In turn, this has allowed many companies to remain in business, provide jobs and increase benefits while preserving choice and freedom for both employers and employees. Responsible nonsubscriber programs also provide a laboratory of sorts to examine new injury benefit solutions that would not otherwise exist.

TXANS' members and suppliers receive nonsubscriber publications including TXANS News and TXANS Update, educational programming, online resources like TXANS Knowledge Center, member-only discounts and more.

TXANS' members and suppliers also receive a special certificate of participation suitable for display. Displaying your participation in TXANS evidences your commitment to responsible nonsubscription in Texas to your employees, customers, etc...

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